Once upon a time there was an inequality so unequal that no one dared to question it’s unequalness. Yet this bold inequality continued to bewilder the minds of all inequality specialists. A gentleman named Johann Bellius had found the inequality and exhibited it in the most exquisite palace in the world, the CERN in Geneva. There it was visited by the smartest people who studied it from all it’s different angles. No one, however, was willing to enter into a contest of comprehension with the inequality. The inequality continued to triumph over the most brilliant minds of the most erudite…

The coming of the light
Fragile, shining, shy and sparkling
Unconquered by the dark
Chattering with all substances


Og was worried. The elders had already assured him many times that darkness was overcome by light each year again. But what if the light failed just once? Would the day then turn into night, forever? It gave Og a shudder of fear, only the thought of this possibility was terrible. If it was always night, it would be impossible to still hunt mammoth and reindeer. And he was responsible for the hunter group of the tribe. He would consult the…

Diederik Aerts

Diederik Aerts is a theoretical physicist, professor at the Free University of Brussels and researcher in the foundations of quantum mechanics.

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